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05.-07.12.2018: Kickoff-Meeting Vienna/AUT 

18.-20.02.2019: Training C1 Vienna/AUT

03.-04.06.2019: 2nd Partnermeeting Berlin/GER

05.-07.06.2019: Training C2 Berlin/GER

09.-10.09.2019: 3rd Partnermeeting Bologna/IT 

11.-13.09.2019: Training C3 Bologna/IT

05.-06.10.2020: 4th Partnermeeting (online)

07.-09.10.2020: Training C4 (online)

The training activity is to take place in Greece in the city of Larissa. It will be about learners and trainees. During the activity, experiences can be shared with useful ways of working. This can be a help in applying procedures for learning. These procedures are usually based on the respective work. 
Experiences about trainees' professional learning paths should also be shared. A learning path is made up of many topics. These topics include, for example, the organization of the courses, bringing together theoretical and practical experience, evaluation of the procedure.
During the activity the participants have the opportunity to get to know a new professional field. The new professional field is agriculture. They can explore agriculture in the region of Thessaly.
In addition, the trainees share their experience of the training system with the people participating in the activity.

02.12.2020 (01:30pm - 2:30pm): 1st InnoTrain-Learning Lunch

The InnoTrain-Learning Lunch is a learning session. It will last for one hour. The organization Jugend am Werk prepares a presentation. It is about possibilities of digitalization in vocational education. 
After the presentation, the topic will be discussed and participants will share their experiences with it.

10.-11.12.2020: Presentation at congress: Nodos del Conocimiento

The conference will take place during the second week of December. Because of the Corona pandemic, it will be held virtually around the world. The conference is about the quality of the educations of the teachers.
During the conference, Dr. María Vilaplana will give a presentation. She is from the "Proyecta Innovación". She will talk about the situation of vocational training in Europe. She also presents the results of the InnoTrain project so far.

24.-25.05.2021: 5th Partnermeeting (online)

26.-28.05.2021: Training C5 (online)

Partner meeting in Vienna

At the beginning of September our final partner meeting took place in Vienna. We brought each other up to date and thought about how we can disseminate the results and experiences of the project even further. 
The project is coming to an end. As always, it was great fun. 

Partner meeting in Vienna

Partner meeting in Berlin

Partner meeting in Bologna