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The project partners publish their progress report on innovative training resources for trainers in the field of vocational education and training, general education, professional life, social partnerships and public administration.

This report will be updated over the course of the Innotrain-Project. 

The consortium publishes the "Practical Guide on Monitoring, Evaluation and Quality Assurance in WBL for professionals".

The aim of this practical guide is to clarify basic challenges that were identified as missing and critical by the partners in the preparatory phase. For example, the project partners addressed the questions "What are the integrated processes of monitoring the impact of WBL on either learners, businesses, and local development policies for education, employment, and social cohesion?", "How do the integrated processes influence the evaluation of learning outcomes and the effectiveness of WBL?", and "How does quality assurance of the entire WBL process work: from matching to final evaluation?"


InnoTrain Newsletter #2 // July 2020

Innotrain is a European Project, which is in line with the promotion of work- based learning (WBL) in all its forms, with the aim to support professional development of VET teachers, trainers and mentors in school and work-based settings.

In the framework of the Innotrain Erasmus+ project, the second meeting and training activity took place in Berlin, within June 2019 and the third meeting and training activity in Italy, within September 2019. The project involves partners from Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain and Greece.

The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

During the meetings, various topics have been discussed, regarding the so far progress of the project and the attendants had the chance to get informed regarding the boost of the technical occupations and for the vocational educational system in Germany and Italy, from the respective organizations.

The objective of the meeting in Germany, was the exchange of experiences between the attendees and to highlight the priority must be given to the sectors of processing and technological services, which are on the center of the 4th industrial revolution, in order to be developed further and serve as an example of reorganization of the rest sectors of the economy.

Moreover, the participants visited the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and have discovered that through games with electronic devices (tablet, VR glasses) the students understand more the training material with an exciting and pleasant way.

As for the meeting in Italy, the purpose of the meeting was to inform participants regarding the traditional and technical professions - fashion, ice cream production – of the area, in order to understand that through the development of technology and from year to year, they have achieved to be the pillar of the economy for the district of Emilia-Romagna.

The participants have been informed about the needs, that those businesses have and the opportunities that exist for the young within their work to them. They visited the innovative company E-ON that uses virtual reality in their educational system, the University Carpigiani Gelato and have learned about the success story of a double educational system in Italy. Finally, the participants visited the organization Fashion Research Institute (FRI) and they were informed about the different ways Italian fashion took advantage of innovation and education.

The representatives from Greece have informed the rest participants about technical education in their country, through European project is implemented so far, in collaboration with organizations and schools in Greece and have mentioned that automation, digital platforms and the new forms of the economy, impact as a catalyst to the normal form of the labor.

For more information regarding the project and the upcoming activities, you can have a look at the website of the project, here.

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InnoTrain Newsletter #1 // May 2019

InnoTrain is a project partnership that aims to promote learning in the workplace in all its forms by supporting the professional development of teaching and training staff in VET. The partnership follows the priorities of the New Skills Agenda, making VET the first choice for the design and implementation of Work Based Learning (WBL). Work-based learning aims at acquiring knowledge, skills and competences by conducting and reflecting on tasks in a professional environment, either at the workplace or in a VET institution.

The project aims to help regional and local actors strengthen their cooperation structures in order to bridge the gap between education and training and the labor market.

In InnoTrain, relevant stakeholders from Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain and Greece will explore common regional approaches that can support effective and sustainable development and the consolidation of VET partnerships. On this basis, partners design activities to build capacity for VET professionals. These should enable them to create a high-quality WBL element in the training and development of cooperation structures.

Professionals in VET, general education, as well as enterprises, social partners, local institutions and youth associations are among the main target groups. The project addresses, among others, teachers and tutors, various companies interested in the WBL, external specialists as well as local and European institutions.

On the one hand, the partners will develop transferable concepts for the improvement of practitioners' professional skills that can be used in day-to-day education. On the other hand, the project partners intend to develop strategies for effective cooperation structures in VET and business, in which local actors in particular should participate.

In addition to the first transnational partner meeting, the first training for experts of the participating organizations took place in Vienna in February 2019. In particular, the focus of this first training was to develop strengths and weaknesses of workplace-based learning and to develop innovative training programs that can be used by experts independently of the project.

The next training will take place in June 2019 in Berlin.

The implementation of the aforementioned partnership is co-funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union. Find further information at  

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